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Register Her

This site is a growing archive of published research, legal precedents, media activism, and lobbying of the courts by feminist gender ideologues, corrupting domestic policy and law.

Mission Statement

Register Her is intended to be a comprehensive reference source to the individuals and organizations that have interfered with equality in legal systems across the globe. Editors will provide referenced information that follows the advancement of feminist agenda driven changes to laws and interference in court cases that have led to a corruption of equality before the law and expansions of sexual offence legal definitions that have rendered them meaningless.

History began as a reaction to radical feminists who were advocating murder of men and boys. It originally named and shamed individuals who were advancing their agendas on the internet, categorizing them into levels of "evil" but had not intended to provide a comprehensive list of any substantive nature. The original site was an off-shoot of A Voice for Men, mainly built by John Hembling (aka John the Other)

When John Hembling teamed up with Diana Davison to form Community Organized Compassion and Kindness (COCK), they re-envisioned the Register Her site as a more serious effort to track feminist jurisprudence after reading a book by Elizabeth Sheehy called Defending Battered Women on Trial: Lessons from the Transcripts.


Unlike Wikipedia, this wiki is not open to all registered users for editing. Due to feminist corruption of what was a noble project, we are unable to allow unknown editors to access the site. As the number of contributing editors is limited the site will grow slower than it would otherwise but the articles will retain a higher level of integrity.

The site logo was designed by Diana Davison as a graphic version of the slogan FTSU (Fuck Their Shit Up) which was coined by John Hembling. It summarizes the urgency with which feminist jurisprudence and public narrative needs to be counter acted by anyone interested in restoring a just society which has true equality.